It all started when... 

The building of Station Lane Distillery is a journey that started in 2002 when Mark Coburn was in his mid 30’s. He realised then that there was a point where two of his great passions unite.

Mark's love of steam engines and his passion for creating and searching out flavours all came together in the process of distilling whisky.

To make whisky you start by making a basic form of beer referred to as wash, a distiller's beer without hops. The wash is distilled to remove the spirit as well as the flavour of the grain.

All those years ago, Mark boldly told his family that he wanted to be able to drink his own 20-year-old Coburns Whisky by the time he turned 70, and once the idea had been set free there was some serious work to be done.

In 2016 when Mark turned 49 and he knew he only had a year left to realise his dream of getting spirit into a barrel. So the process of building Station Lane Distillery began. 

On 28 July 2017 the first barrels were filled. Today we have over 200,000 litres of whisky spirit ageing in over 700 barrels. 

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